Coming Home (Armenia, 1 hr 25 min)

Directed by: Daria Shumakova

Written by: Daria Shumakova

Mid-90's, spring, in the Armenian border village, the 6-year-old boy Saro, his mother Anahit and his best friend - grandpa Karen, are waiting for Saro`s father-Vacho, from the war. Over these years, the 6-year-old boy has become a man - all the head of family duties are on him. Every night, Saro asks the Moon to return his father, and one day his wish fulfills. Vacho returned home, but he remembers his son only as a baby, and Saro does not remember his father at all. They both still do not know that life is measured for only 3 days so that they can get used to each other and find mutual understanding. Relationships from the very beginning are not going well - Vacho categorically does not accept the love for modern music that has just arisen in his so; takes all the affairs around the house for himself. Saro persists - he needs to prove to his father that he is a grown man, but Vacho does not take his son into account. The conflict is ripening, Saro's resentment is growing. He did not expect such a father ... Saro runs away. Parents are in despair, and only Grandfather - the former chairman of the collective farm - is calm. He knows where his grandson is. The grandfather goes on negotiations with the grandson who actually hides in an old collective-farm garage. The grandson has a plan for leaving the city, but the cunning Grandfather manages to turn the situation into the right direction to him. But then Grandpa`s trick will play a cruel joke and Saro will have to face one another with his fears and overcome them, sacrificing his new love - a tape recorder.