Directed by: Kun-I Chang, co-director: Shihwen Lin

Written by: Kun-I Chang, Shihwen Lin


'Magic moments' are the little simple moments in our lives that generate chemistry and create warm feelings in our hearts. Remember the moment where Lady and the Tramp shared a plate of spaghetti? How about when Carl & Ellie looked up at the clouds while lying next to each other on a picnic blanket in “Up”? All these magic moments are memorable and touching, and guess what, they happen in our lives everyday. The only difference is that in movies, the moments are designed and magnified to manipulate your feelings to create the 'wow, so touching' effect. In real life, these moment are subtle. Since we don't look at our relationships behind the camera, these moments usually just slip through with out notice.


Coffee & Fried Chicken was born on April, 7th, 2012. When K, the black monkey who loves fried chicken, and W, the white rabbit who lives on coffee, exchanged their vows. K designed the monkey & rabbit characters as the body doubles for themselves, and together they share their story with friends and families through the two characters.