Chinese Dream (Germany, 7 min)

Directed by: Lena Karbe; Tristan Coloma

Written by: Tristan Coloma

"Chinese Dream" is a web-series in 7 episodes à 7 minutes set in African milieu in Guangzhou, China. While the western “American Dream” is one of the most important terms of the 20th century, it is a “Chinese Dream” that takes lead in the 21st century. China becomes today what America has been for the immigrants before – a land of opportunities. At present there are 200 000 African immigrants living in China. The reaction of the Chinese society is far more complex than just skepticism and tightened immigration laws: As in politics and in law, racism often stops where business begins. In the business centres and freight zones of Chocolate Town, the Chinese have realized that the Africans can contribute to their country? s prosperity. The first Chinese-African marriages take place. African immigration in China has many faces. Who is leaving Africa for China and why and what changes do these immigration processes bring to the Chinese society? Each of the 7 stories of the web-series present a Chinese protagonist from different occupation and social status. Among them are a social worker, hotel receptionist, cargo workers, drivers and businessmen working on a regular basis with African clients, captain of a foreigners football team, Chinese teacher married to an African, etc. They all share their experience and personal impressions on their interactions with Africans in Guangzhou.