Chai(Destroy) (Taiwan | 2016, 5 min)

Directed by: ZION CHANG


Chai (Destroy) with Peng Jun Yi

How many turning points can one have during his lifetime? The story behind this song exactly reflects those that have dwelt in Taiwan for most of their life, trying to find out the most faithful affections within this vulnerable life. The story took place in a small town of southern China. As a result of Chinese civil war, the main actress tore herself away from the first love, not only did she lose the parents, but also the old house as remembered. The lady came to Taiwan all the way from China, got settled down by the side of the railroad, and that's how she met this guy who come from the mid Taiwan,these two innocent ones living in a state of chaos, and make their living by having a small grocery in China bazaar. As time goes by that year, when the government decided to tear down the China bazaar, it also ruined her second home. Her man determined to take her back to the hometown, the Hakka's village in mid Taiwan. Just when their children became independent and moved out,their humble house was pulled down owing to the urban renewal.They both are old, they are tired, and they won't and are not willing to be parted.

Lyrics Performed by: Chang and Lee
Lyrics by: Wu Xiang Composed by: Zhang Si Ann / Lee Bei Gang
Directed by: Peng Jun Yi / Zhu Qi Guang / Zhang Si Ann
Erhu fiddle performed by: Xu Xiao Ting
Guitar performed by: Lee Bei Gang