Cat (United States | 2016, 10 min)

Directed by: Dave Crabtree

Something bad has happened to the world below 5000 feet. An 8-year-old girl named Susie and her grandfather traverse the high mountains in an old snow plow looking for a refuge. When the plow breaks down, they have to build a fire to survive the night and come face to face with a hungry wolf which they back down from. That night, the grandfather tells Susie a story about life, about the grandeur and underlying forces that connect all things. The next morning, Susie wakes to a briefly functioning radio that gives her the GPS coordinates to the refuge. Susie tries to wake her grandfather, but he died in his sleep. Gathering her courage to leave the plow, Susie packs supplies and starts on her journey only to be confronted by the wolf again, this time on her own. She is able to pause and connect on a deeper level with the animal, and in doing so, it becomes docile and leads her into the direction of the refuge.