Carefree (US, 0: 23: 00)

Directed by: Tara Shayne

Written by: Tara Shayne

Cast: Tara Shayne, Trey Gerrald, Deb Hoffman, Maurisa Pasick, Aaron Scotti, AJ Jones, Allison Lane, David Halicky, Debbie Kagy, Jacob Zachar, Jill Zimmer, John Gunn Davis, Nicky Hackman, Noah Pasick, Tim Granaderos, Todd Kiesling.

Tara, a quirky, high-strung girl in her 20's visits her hometown, for the first time since leaving at 17, to crash her high school sweethearts wedding. Through a series of awkward encounters and ridiculous scenarios she finds that not too much has changed back home, yet everything has changed.