Calling (Japan, 50 min)

Directed by: Ryutaro Nakagawa, Yoichi Emoto (co-director)

Written by: Ryutaro Nakagawa


Alan Koji, Kaoru Haito, Takashi Fujimura, 


A cleaning man's wife lost her sanity; a smile buried in oblivion. During the scorching mid-summer of Shinjuku, Tokyo, a glimpse of a new life crosses the man’s eyes; a dream of becoming a painter. But he continues to devote himself to his wife by giving up his dream. One day, they headed deep into a forest, the man believing in the moment of when her smile would reappear again. 


Ryutaro Nakagawa is a young talented film director from Japan. After having founded a new film production company called Tokyo New Cinema, Nakagawa’s movies have been repeatedly shown in Tokyo. As he claims, “the new generation of Japanese film will brighten the society.” Various established actors, including Sosuke Ikematu (from “The Last Samurai”), have expressed their wish to act and be involved in a Nakagawa film. Because Nakagawa’s ambition has exceeded the capacity of student film, his talents have attracted numerous audiences, and Japanese movie stars. “Calling” is his first movie with English subtitles.


“Calling” is the winner of 'Indie Soul Best Cinematography Award' in Boston International Film Festival 2013. This film expresses a unique view of the world by using minimum spoken lines, and still images contrasted with the crisp sounds of the environment. With both eyes and ears, the audience gets to feel the sensation of new talent and its birth. 


“The vividness and energy of Ryutaro Nakagawa overwhelmed me. I would like to watch more films of Filmmaker and Director Nakagawa.” Sosuke Ikematu (Actor “The Last Samurai”)


“With the minimum lines, it is a story of actor’s expressions, glances, pastoral views and music with piano. A serene emotion hits audience at the climax like a rainfall.” Shin Suzukake (Poet)


“Afterimages of the director’s thoughts appeared in me after watching the frames of 'Calling.' I was fascinated by such honesty.” Yusuke Kinoshita (Director)