Call Me Cappy (US, 0:18:00)

Subtitles: Na

Directed by: Maja Holzinger

Written by: Melissa Remark

Cast: Ritchie Montgomery, Allison Joy Blaize, Andy Stark, Christopher Lavigne, Emily Felps, Erin McCluskey, Ronnie Hooks, Susan Gordon, Angela Strohm, Venita Matthews

Wally, in his 60s, is a bowling alley manager in a small Midwestern town. He leads perfectly uneventful life dominated by his wife Gloria. Together they fell into a comfortable routine filled with Wheel of Fortune, TV dinners and weekly Bingo. One day, Wally receives a piece junk of mail informing him that he had won a tropical cruise. He becomes more and more intrigued by the idea of seeing the ocean for the first time. From now on, his imagination is fed with the images of girls in bikinis and vast oceans. He joins senior swimming club at the local YMCA and eventually learns how to swim. However, time passes by and Wally does not receive his promised prize in the mail...