Cafe Cafe (Canada, 1hr 20min)

Directed by: Patrick Downing

Written by: Alain Mercieca


Alain Mercieca, Caroline Braun, Eric Amber, Glyn Jones, Gordon Skilling, Joe McLean, Maite Sinave, Nick Brazao, Sandi Armstrong

Set in Montreal's run down, low income, anglophone community of St. Henri, CAFe CAFe is a romantic comedy of errors like no other. This is the story of Vlad, a hapless, lonely poet in search of love, who falls for Vanessa, a student working at his favorite cafe. Along with Ginette and Al, the eccentric owners of Cafe Joe, as well as the many regulars who come and go, what ensues is a romp through the Indy art scene of hipsters and a realistic ode to the relationships that carry us forth in life. Like the novels of Mordecai Richler, CAFe CAFe offers a glimpse of life in Canada's independent subculture. If women are crazy and men are dumb, then CAFe CAFe is a misadventure of hilarious comedic truth.