C-Rock (Canada, USA, 29)

Directed by: Jordan Roth

In the 1950s, the Columbia University rowing team painted a giant 'C' on a cliff.

Now, it's called 'C-Rock'.

Throughout the summer, boys leap from the high cliff into the Harlem River. It’s a dangerous rite of passage. A tradition full of adventure that goes back generations of teenagers in the Bronx.

On C-Rock, we see kids struggle to move up to jumps as high as 110 feet. Some stand paralyzed with fear on the edge while friends scream from the water down below. Others jump together for a cheering crowd aboard the passing Circle Line boat.

The boys are connected to each other and to generations that jumped before them. But, like the grown-up jumpers we meet, the boys can’t jump off C-Rock with their friends forever.