Business Unusual (United States | 2015 , 19 minutes )

Directed by: Daniel Malakai Cabrera

Written by: Daniel Malakai Cabrera & Caine Sinclair

Cast: Grant Bowler, Tia Carrere, Jason Gerhardt, and Yoshua Sudarso

David, a kind and creative “sad sack” finds himself in the (very) windy city for the most important business proposal of his life, only to be confronted by his nemesis and former boss, the brash, rude and bullying Chip. Thrown off his already weak game, David’s first attempt at a pitch starts off dreadfully but as luck would have it, he is interrupted and asked to return the following day. With an extra day to prepare, David retreats to his hotel where an odd but magical set of bartenders and a chance meeting give him the courage and creative spark to carry the day.