Directed by: David LaRocca

Written by: David LaRocca

Cast: David LaRocca,

What can a contemporary, profit-driven, luxury, Italian fashion brand learn from the likes of Marcus Aurelius, St. Benedict, St. Francis, and Kant? The founder of one such brand, Brunello Cucinelli, thinks quite a lot, and has shaped his eponymous company with reference to the history of philosophy. Moreover, in his effort to “embellish the world” with enterprises that reflect his understanding of a New Humanism, he has built a library, a theater, a school, and restored a church and an Etruscan Arch—but perhaps most crucially to his core values, he has created a manufacturing and corporate environment that aims to support a robust and varied human life.

Cucinelli’s initiatives present us with more than a series of publicity stunts or gimmicks to sell expensive clothes. Rather, Cucinelli draws creatively from philosophy to underwrite and energize his twin ambitions of making money (by offering inspiring, beautiful, genuinely high-quality products) and making a positive difference in the protection and development of human dignity. From director David LaRocca comes the unlikely story of a capitalist-philosopher in Brunello Cucinelli: A New Philosophy of Clothes.