Brooklyn Basketball (United States | 2016, 1 hour 45 minutes )

Directed by: Duffy Higgins


Brooklyn Basketball with Duffy Higgins

Brooklyn is synonymous with Basketball because it has arguably produced the best & most professional players. The reasons are as various as the cultures that reside in the County of Kings, but what will it specifically take for four high school senior ballers to 'make it'. AProject Summary: When a naturally talented player like Isaiah Whitehead is playing at a historic basketball high school like Lincoln, the expectations are nearly set in stone. For his three senior class teammates, nothing is set and there is no stone. The Brooklyn greats of the past, and those that essentially defined the way that the game is played, tell us what it took for them to make it (or not) besides just talent. John Salley, Fly Williams, Albert King, Pearl Washington, Lenny Wilkens, and others alongside the 2013-14 Abraham Lincoln High Basketball Team take us on a trip to explain what makes the '4th Largest City in the Country' so special.Artistic Statement: I wanted to explore the reason for Brooklyn's relationship to the game of basketball and what exactly that sport has provided in order for Brooklyn to be it's own universe.While there is a one mega-hyped player who is that next prodigal son of brooklyn basketball, the overarching attempt is to survey the journeys of the less-hyped teammates and what 'making it' means to them.