Body Complete (Austria, 86 mins.)

Directed by: Lukas Sturm

Written by: Lukas Sturm


Asli Bayram, Adnan Haskovic, Miraj Grbic, Senad Basic

Sensing history repeating itself, journalist Nicole flies from Vienna to the Bosnian village of Morovci to track down Edina, who has gone missing. Edina had recently returned to Morovci to fulfill her murdered father’s last wish for a proper burial. However, her father was one of thousands of Muslim victims of ethnic cleansing in the 1992 war, and Morovci has since been remade—facts complicating her task. Now Edina herself has vanished mid-mission. As they search for her, Nicole and her television crew face resistance from traumatized villagers and a despotic mayor. Their few allies, meanwhile, include the forensic specialists painstakingly piecing together the scattered remains of the victims. When the body is complete, the soul can rest. When the truth is told, a new future is possible. This poignant thriller examines what it means for a people to face up to a shared past, and what happens when they won’t.