Directed by: Adam Tyree

Written by: Burt Brooks



Alexandra Hellquist, Burt Brooks, Haeree Park, Joe Matusak, John Beck, Ryan Merrigan


Abused by her father, Noreen has runaway from home and is searching for happiness. She finds it stalking a handsome local named Bobby, watching him go to and from work and dreaming of what their lives would be like if they were together. One morning, while running late, Bobby forgets to lock his door and rushes off to work. Noreen takes this opportunity to slip inside his home and become more intimate with her obsession. Unfortunately for Noreen, Bobby has forgotten something back at his place and must rush back to retrieve it. There he finds Noreen and confronts her for her intrusion. This threatens to ruin the one thing she has in this world that can still bring her joy: her fantasies about Bobby...