Bird (Turkey, 1:50:0)

Directed by: Coskin Irmak

Written by: Coskin Irmak

Cast: Enes Atis, Ece Cesmioglu, Firat Demirag, Serhat Ozcan, Enginay Gultekin, Oguz Irmak, Ugur Kuyucu, Dine Altiok, Aliye Yilmaz

As a university student, Sinan lives on his own a long way away from his family. He is an introvert by nature and lacking in social skills. Sinan has a budgerigar called Barba at home. He talks to, and confides in Barba. Sinan is in love with one of his classmates, but has no contact with the girl in reality. Sinan also comes to realize that his connection with Barba is no more than a self-made delusion. From this point on, his outlook on life and himself begins to change.