Directed by: Nedim Hazar

Written by: Nedim Hazar

Cast: Eren Balkan, Hera Büyüktaşçciyan, Viktor and Nimet Albukrek, Hasan Kuruyazıcı, Hüseyin Eroğlu, Halim Bulutoğlu, Agni Küçüknşkolaidis, Nurgül and Erdinç Günbatı, Selçuk Erçaylap, Nikiforos Metaxas

“Our Islands: Through the Eyes of a Musician” is a documentary that looks at the individual lives and stories of a culturally diverse group people living on Princes’ Islands in Istanbul. It presents dramatic episodes of life on the islands and showcases a rich musical heritage. These islanders make up a unique microcosm of people - artists, fisherman, philosophers, phaeton drivers and housewives – all with unique stories; they have deep bonds with the past and strong ideas about the present and the future. The documentary also follows the journey of Eren Balkan (a trained actress) who has come to the island for her Masters in architecture. In her search for key architectural sites on the islands, she interacts with the islanders. Director, Nedim Hazar, a resident islander and musician, narrates her journey. Music Coordinator, Geo Schaller, and musicians Vassiliki Papageorgiou and Taner Öngür weave an enchanting musical thread throughout the documentary, a paean to their beloved Princes’ Islands, that culminates in the closing song: “My heart is for only for you and the islands/There is no one else.” The words are sung with a hint of sadness as we are reminded of Istanbul’s fading cultural heritage in the face of relentless growth and modernization.