Bingo (USA, 00:14:50)

Directed by: Sabarinath Nair

Written by: Sabarinath Nair

Cast: Divya Jacob, Elana Mugdan, Justin Varkey, atherine Vishneva, Kiran Chandrahasa, Robert Bella

Kevin, young and versatile DJ, holding a decent job in a corporate organization,
gets attracted and deeply involved with young and beautiful NY city girl, whose
passion is money, sex and night life. Story follows through their interactions and
intimate moments.
Kevin goes through a bad dream where he is shaken by the sequence of losing his
job. In despair he tries to reach his Girl and realizes that he lost her too.
In reality Girl finds pleasure in another man, while keeping the relation with Kevin
Kevin on the other hand finds solace in another girl, also keeping his relation with
NY city girl intac