Big Licks (United States, 19 min 30 sec)

Directed by: James Christiano

Cast: Neev Bar-David; Steven Conroy; Michael Croce; Jason Lopez; Diana Sharber; Rich Vience

College dropouts Chris, Sarah, and Freddie find themselves strapped for cash, unable to pay their rent, and behind the wheel of a stolen “Mr. Licky” ice cream truck.


Big Licks, directed by James Chirstiano and Phillip Russell, Is a TV pilot about 3 college students trying to make some cash to pay rent. In the pilot we follow their first misadventure. As since they are strapped for cash, Freddie comes in with promise for cash for a job that they must do. He explains it as a simple delivery job for his cousin Mikey. At first Sarah is unsure of the task, as Freddie’s get rich schemes never go as planned. But after some convincing from her boyfriend Chris, she reluctantly agrees to the job. It is later when they try to pick up the package it’s reveled that they would be stealing from the Mafia, and so a chase peruses with the group “borrowing” an Ice Cream Truck as a getaway vehicle. They eventually get trapped due to a dead end, but thanks to Chris’s quick thinking, they manage to get away. As the film closes we see the owner of the ice cream truck tracking the trio down. From the get go, the pilot takes a light heart of the situation that the trio is in. While using comedy during the chase, and between the interactions of the individual mafia member. It is enjoyable to watch as not only will you get a laughter out of it but will cheer on the group as they continue their misadventures.