Beuys frames (Italy, 22:45)

Directed by: Pierparide Tedeschi and Marco Ligabue

Leading purpose of the film 'Beuys frames' is the non-profit diffusion of the concept of 'Living Sculpture' that permeates Joseph Beuys' entire life, making him a true predecessor of the current social, humanitarian and cultural issues all over the world. The 'Beuys frames' project aims to contribute, through the vision of the film, to the social improvement. Destruction of nature, health emergencies, wars, terrorist attacks... Joseph Beuys foresaw some of our most evil afflictions and suggested possible solutions. 'Beuys frames' is a short film on the life, work and the philosophy of Joseph Beuys, one the most important figures in the avant garde movement of the world art in the second half of the Twentieth Century. 'Beuys frames' is not a diachronic history of Joseph Beuys, but has the structure of a dream. In the process of the dream the actions are relived by free associations. More latent thoughts are combined to make up one manifest and authentic interpretation of the situation. The film was realized with archive material (actions, performances, interview and debates) from originals videos, photos and tv footage. Soundtrack and editing play a vital role. Very important are the musics of Satie and Webern, two compositors beloved by Beuys.