Beijing Being (Australia & China, 1:17:43)

Directed by: Emma Jaay

Written by: Emma Jaay

Cast: William Pilsner, Emma Jaay, Toby Jarman, Carlotta Trevisan, Chris Fleming, Martin Butz, Jesse Jarman.

Beijing Being is a lyrical, nostalgic exploration of friendship in an ever-changing ever-transient city. Sophie, a young blogger living in the historic laneways of Beijing, is struggling to accept the abrupt departure of her best friend during a visa crackdown. The future is uncertain - for the foreigners with their temporary (and at times dubious) visas, their Chinese friends with their nontraditional lifestyles, and even the old streets themselves, falling under the hammers of the developers. Sophie makes sense of the rhythm of change, loss, heartbreak and the sheer exhilaration of being young in the best way she knows how – by creating a cabaret on the streets she loves but can never own.