Beautiful Meat (U S , 0: 21 : 00 )

Directed by: Ronald Riqueros

Written by: Ronald Riqueros

Cast: Amelia Huckle-Bauer, Erika Hennings, Renato Ferreira

The film opens with the masturbation scene of porn star Max Steele. An off-screen camera guy, filming Max, lets us know through a series of questions made to Max, that this is a shoot for a gay web site, and that Max's girlfriend does not know of his porn persona. A quick montage shows visuals of Gabriel's dead body and 'Missing' posters with his face around the city, with his real name, Gabriel Pontes.Then we meet Zooey, Gabriel's girlfriend, who enters an opera audition. She explains that the song she will perform is about the painful absence of a lover. Her singing is enchanting and threads throughout most of the film.Next we meet Mia, the chef who's launching a cook book titled 'Beautiful Meat'. She's being interviewed about her work and exotic philosophy about animal meat in the culinary arts.When Zooey discovers Gabriel's porn persona she feels humiliated and threatens him with a kitchen knife during a confrontation they have while she is frying meat. Mia also finds out about Gabriel's secret, including the fact that he has another woman: Zooey.The climax comes as a mesh of the three main scenes of the film: Gabriel in his porn shoot talking about his good looks; Mia in her cook book interview talking about the rare types of animal meat people eat in other cultures; and Zooey failing at her opera audition when, additionally, it's revealed that Gabriel was killed and eaten by Mia during a dinner date.