Batman and Jimbo (Australia, 0:06:53)

Directed by: Angus Mullane

Written by: Joshua Mullane, Angus Mullane

Cast: Joshua Mullane, Angus Mullane, Kathryn Beck, Bailey Greaves, Corey Blake Owers, Patch May.

Johnny and Jimbo are sitting on the couch watching the football when a thought comes to Johnny's mind and he asks Jimbo: 'Have you ever thought you'd be destined for something greater?'.

They start talking about the dreams they had as kids wanting to be superheroes. The doorbell interrupts them. Johnny's ex-wife Kath is picking up their son Andy. Andy brushes past Johnny and jumps into the car with his mother and they drive off. Johnny discovers that Andy has dropped his batman figurine.

Johnny has an epiphany and tells Jimbo that he must dress up as a robber and pretend to rob the local store where Kath works so that Johnny can bust in as a superhero and save the day, winning back Kath's love.

They drive to the store and park outside. Jimbo runs in first. Johnny pumps himself up and runs out into the store. When he busts in, he finds Jimbo to his surprise on the floor weeping. There is an actual robbery taking place. A robber attacks Johnny from behind wielding a gun in his face. Kath is in fear behind the register. Now, Johnny has to become a real hero to save the day.