Bassoon Rap (US , 3 minutes )

Directed by: Daniel Goldblum


Bassoon Rap

By: Claudia Donofrio

“Bassoon Rap” felt like watching something from The Lonely Island or Saturday Night Live. As a rap parody, “Bassoon Rap” excels in its ability to pretend to take itself seriously. The singer is a fantastic actor and sells the performance of an impassioned, bassoonist who can rap. I particularly loved the moment where he is attempting to craft his own reeds in his apartment. The background actors who play the interviewers are comical as well, and their overly impressed reactions to the bassoonist are almost as funny as his excessively confident ramblings.

It was very amusing to see the clash between the prim world of classical philharmonic music and modern rap. The exaggerated lyrics add to the hilarious rap parody, and feature clever musical puns on bassoon playing. Oddly enough, the music, a curious blend of bassoon and an electronic beat, sound great paired together! Overall “Bassoon Rap” is a very comical video with a fun premise and innovative music. ”Bassoon Rap” is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown at the festival on October 12-18, 2015