Banking on Trust (USA, 38 mins.)

Directed by: LeeAndrea Morton

Pioneers in the fight against global poverty are exploring an innovative method of helping the world’s poor. They offer sustainable socio-economic advancement through access to credit and other financial services that the developed world takes for granted.

The idea is simple, it’s about giving small loans to people in poverty — usually to women in developing countries — who can then use that loan to start small businesses out of their homes.

The global payback rate for microfinance loans is greater than 90 percent, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. For a microfinance investor, the desired return on investment is far more than just monetary. These investors want to see that their loans are improving lives, educating children, fighting hunger, and creating sustainable communities wherever their dollars go.

Go on a journey to Argentina to see how a little loan goes a long way. Meet borrowers, lenders, and experts from three microfinance institutions in one of Latin America’s destination countries, as we explore the real impact of microlending efforts in the lives of those who need it most.

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