Directed by: Keiko Courdy

Written by: Keiko Courdy

Fukushima is a parallel world. From the outside, everything seems normal. Away from the forbidden zone, life goes on exactly as before. The danger now is invisible. Some say that all is fine, all is under control. But today, nothing is resolved. Overwhelmed by the events of 11 March 2011, the French director Keiko Courdy left immediately for Japan. She spent more than a year and a half talking to people in Fukushima. In order to try to understand, she also interviewed many public figures active in Japanese society since the triple disaster: artists, architects, writers, investigative journalists, no nuke activists the erstwhile prime minister at the time of the accident… Their compelling testimonies highlight the contradictions and movements in a society that is recovering from massive trauma. We all have much to learn from what is happening. Many people dream of a « Yonaoshi », a « renewal », but is it possible? Can we change our behavior? Contrary to appearances and the impotence felt by many, the change is profound. Throughout Japan, individual people are taking a stance against the prevailing inertia.