Atroz (Spain, 9 min 50 sec)

Subtitles: Englsih

Directed by: Francisco Alvarez Perez

Written by: Rual Urbina, Francisco Alvarez


Laura Sanchez (Luna), Awful (Awful), Jose Maria Carton (voice-off), Tato (dog), Mayte Bona (mother's voice), Francisco Negro (father's voice), Violeta Ollauri (mother), Jose Manuel Barba (father).

Atroz (Awful) is a singular teddy bear, a worn and curmudgeon one. His owner is Luna, a little girl who has taken him as her best friend. She doesn't leave him alone one minute, and this sickens Atroz. He will tell us in first person all the misfortunes that he will have to live to flee from Luna's ceaseless petting, endearments and games. Awful treats, in a reality and animation mix, about classic issues present in children's tales.