Arbor Day (USA, 12 Min)

Directed by: Samuel Long

Written by: Samuel Long

Cast: Jack-Henry Kay, Jeni Lee Richey, Jim buford, Sam Sommer, Nate Czarling, Ron Shedd

In a slightly dystopian view of our near future, two men scour the country for a Hell born creature. Father and son, Thomas and Luke, must put an immortal demon-man back into it's Earthly prison. We catch up with our protagonists as they intimidate their way into a free meal. In exchange for two cans of beans Thomas regales his semi-captive audience with a yarn about a young boy named Thomas:
The Yates family has a tradition. Every generation a father and son go into the woods and chop down a certain tree. They hollow out the stump and plant a new tree inside the old one. This is done because imprisoned in the roots bellow lay both man and demon inside one body. Undying.
But as with any good campfire story the creature is let loose and it murders it's way to freedom. But the little boy of the story within the story survives the creature. And he spends the rest of his life tracking down the creature and putting it back where it belongs.
But are Thomas and Luke the characters from their own story? And can they be trusted?