Apple Table Ghost (United Kingdom | 2017 , 11 minutes )

Directed by: Kyle Stumpp

Harold has been on stage for more than 40 years, making his passion for acting the centre around which his whole life, projects and energies, revolve.At times even a bit too focused on being 'Harold the talented actor', his caring daughter happens to remind him during an argument, to wear the costume of 'Harold the attentive father' as well;although achieving big goals can require big sacrifices in life, Harold's too content at the results to now regret the costs.Once he starts forgetting his lines, unlike his daughter and doctor, Harold is not alarmed, for he is a good actor and he knows it, he has gained total awareness of his potential in years and years of studying, rehearsing and perfecting his roles: he has been Othello, he's been King Lear, but he's never lost control of himself.When even this last security starts to fall apart, it begins the struggle of a man of a thousand identities trying to remember who he really is.