Alive and Well (USA, 0:13:11)

Directed by: Andrew Duncan

Written by: Mercedes Segesvary

Cast: Natalie Newman, Hakim McMillan, Geri Brown

October 29, 2012, Super Storm Sandy has arrived in New York. On that same day ZACK and KELLY, a young interracial married couple, walk into their Brooklyn apartment after a long weekend Upstate, visiting Kelly’s parents, only to find their home burglarized. While Zack reaches out to ROSA, a young African-American neighbor for help Kelly finds a strategically placed confession letter left by the burglar. The discovery of the letter leads Zack, Kelly and Rosa down a path of revealing discussions and heated arguments that challenge their beliefs about race, family and their perceptions of human equality. Will these three people be able to weather the storm that has entered their lives?