Alekto (Switzerland , 0:23:00)

Directed by: Thomas Kaufmann

Written by: Michael Mehring

Cast: Beate Malkus, Ecki Hofmann, Christian Govetosa, Steph Stiefel, Pema Shitsetsang, Bojan Busikovic, Tsepel Wangyetsang, Mirjam Turnheer, Markus Heitzmann, Rafi Kirder, Nico Bokardo, Fausto Sammali

Policewoman Julia Forward (Beate Malkus) is kidnapped by the Alekto ­Corporation and is being transported in a Body Transport Unit from Earth. Distraught and unaware of where she is, she awakens in a clearing surrounded by dense forest. Primitive armed warriors surround her and begin to close in. A chase proceeds but she is unable to flee and is captured. , , She is taken to a stoneage community, caged like an animal – their prisoner. Here she meets their depraved leader and space traveller, Olsndot (Ecki ­Hofmann). He is the only human that she can communicate with, here where ever she is. Tentatively he begins to trust her and finally reveals important information about the Corporation. Julia’s world, as she knows it, is destroyed., , Alekto is a science fiction short film which invokes questions about conspiracy theories and the entire evolution of man. An earthling is kidnapped into space, discovering parallel dimensions that she could have never imagined.