After Lilly (United States, 00:9:50 )

Subtitles: English,

Directed by: Aaron Webman

Written by: Jack Quaid

Cast: Jack Quaid, Tory Stolper, Alexandra Olson, Becca Murray, Casey Fitzgerald, Dylan McCollum, Jason Ellefson, Kelly Walker, Marty Abbe-Schneider, Natalie Turpin, Nick Williams, Sheldon Coolman, Willie Warren Jr.

Tyler (Jack Quaid, 'The Hunger Games') is a super nice guy that just went through the break-up from hell. One that wasn't without a little scarring. He can't stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend Lilly (Tory Stolper). The mere thought of her fills him with a deep sadness. However when his friend's finally get him out of the house to go to one of their birthday parties, Tyler's still feeling blue. He tries to hit on other girls, but he's so obsessed with his ex that actually they turn into her in his mind. In fact, everyone does. Now Tyler finally has the chance to give himself some closure by saying the things he could never say to his ex.... to other people.