Adrift in Soho (United Kingdom, 1 hr 48 min)

Directed by: Pablo Behrens

Delve into the seedy side of 1950s Soho with the award-winning film adaptation of Colin Wilson’s cult novel, ‘Adrift in Soho’.

It's not a movie that indulges in rose-tinted nostalgia. ‘Adrift in Soho’ tells the story of a writer who arrives in Soho at its seediest but also at its most creative era - the mid 1950s. Contrary to popular belief, Soho in those days was a hard place - the romanticised bohemian version came years later when the regular outcasts made it big in the London cultural scene, such as artists Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, John Minton and writers Colin Wilson, Jeffrey Bernard and Dylan Thomas.

Based on the classic of the same name written by Colin Wilson who frequented the area during that period and published the novel in 1961. At the time, Wilson also met members of the film movement Nouvelle Vague and Free Cinema and Behrens took this opportunity to re-create that meeting in the film, as part of his adaptation of the novel.

In the process we learn that the 1950s through edgy lifestyles and loose morals created the necessary platform for the 1960s to revolutionize the world with free love, drugs and the peace movement.