Acoustic Space (United States , 0:15:00)

Directed by: Anthony Marinelli

Written by: Anthony Marinelli

Cast: Joseph Cassese, Alison Parks, Rick Schneider

'Acoustic Space' is a short film about how technology has changed the way we communicate. What Marshall McLuhan once described as a 'global village,' has become a society, if not a world, of people erroneously believing technology is bringing them closer together when in fact it is driving them further and further apart. It tells the story of a couple at an elegant restaurant having dinner together.

However, the idea that they are together is debatable as the film explores how the intersection of human connectivity and interpersonal communication has been impacted by technology. Michael and Arlene are humorously engaged in a mutually extended attempt to communicate but are unable to have a conversation because their cell phones are continuously interrupting their ability to be present.

Adapted from his festival award winning One Act stage play, Anthony Marinelli has written the screenplay and directed this short with his attuned ear for cleverly written dialogue, and acute awareness for cinematic nuance, complimented by the complexity of the characters he developed to tell this story with fine actors who truthfully and wonderfully bring them to life.As the film plays out, any viewer living in this modern age will undoubtedly see aspects of themselves or people they know reflected on screen in this new reality: how we communicate and relate continues to be changed with each new swipe, tap, text, email, vibration, and ring tone alert.