Ace - 2015 (Australia, 7 minutes)

Directed by: Nick Hunter

Written by: Prudence Vindin

Cast: Prudence Vindin, Emma Leonard, Karina Warwick, Andrew Cutcliffe, Lesley Hancock, Larry Emdur, Katherine Marie Richardson, Nick Hunter Annella Wheatley, Tricia Youlden, Christian Vindin, Alex Stock, Rhiannon Dwyer, Tanya McMillan, Rachel Harker, Shane Hay, Marcus Leopold, Noah Susskind, Zippy Susskind, Lulu Meskin.

Kate is seeing a psychologist to try and make sense of her life and her dating world. The psychologist gives terrible to no advice. Kate forges ahead and goes on a date with a conceited banker. Whilst trying to escape from his house quickly the next morning, Kate ends up hitting her psychologist with her car. Kate carries on with her day and works her babysitting job. The young girl she babysits is having trouble with a bully at school. Kate gives her charge advice and in doing so finds some clarity in her own life.