A Second Skin (Canada, 9:28)

Directed by: Shawn Kosmerly

Written by: Eric McKenzie & Shawn Kosmerly

When battling to find the person she was meant to be, Christin Milloy made the life changing decision of becoming a woman. Unhappy with the way the transgender community is viewed by the Canadian government, Christin has made it her duty to take on the pressing issues through her blog, activism and politics, being the first ever transgender person to run for provincial office in the country.

The title of the documentary is A Second Skin. It is about a transgender women’s transition from a male identity to a female identity. The documentary shows her struggles with growing up, but focuses on the support of her family and her perseverance in helping herself and others through politics. The tagline for the documentary is “The New New Normal.”

The genre of the A Second Skin is a Lesbian Gay Transgender Bisexual Queer (LGBTQ)-friendly film and a coming-of-age drama documentary. This is because the documentary is about the emotional journey a transgender woman takes in changing her identity as others see her. The final running time of the documentary is nine and a half minutes.
The target audience of the documentary would be the LGBT community. This community, made up of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons would be interested in our documentary. This is because of its unique selling features, our main character Christin who herself has gone through her transition of identity. Many films touch on the lesbian and gay community, but less on the transgender community. This documentary can raise awareness as to what transgender people live and see day to day and what those people have to go through emotionally when deciding that changing their gender identity is right for them. This documentary can also help those her are transgender in showing that they are not alone.