A Long Haul (USA, 43 min 53 sec)

Directed by: Nathaniel Kramer


Nathaniel Kramer (voice)

Buy tickets here: https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/pe/8491655 A LONG HAUL is a documentary depicting the struggles of a charter boat captain whose seasonal summer business has fallen prey to a bad economy, high fuel prices, loss of customers and depleted fish populations He is forced to moonlight as a captain on a broken down commercial fishing trawler to make ends meet. If successful working for the trawler\'s owner, the captain will be able to run the boat during the winter when there is no charter business at all. Desperate to climb out from under a heap of personal debt and under pressure from the owner to get the boat fishing and make money, the captain sets sail for a three day offshore trip to net squid. At the captain\'s side is his loyal first mate, and a 13 year old boy from a wealthy family working for the captain as a summer job..The boat has not been fished in months and is has become saddled with mechanical problems which compound the pressure on the crew to catch squid. Over the next three days, the crew will face sleep deprivation, rough seas, mechanical problems and the difficult task of finding and catching squid.