A Feast With King Midas (Finland | 2013, 4 minutes )

Directed by: Timo Wright

Written by: Timo Wright

Cast: Cinematographer: Timo Wright, Editor: Timo Wright, Assistant: Nina Wilenius, Actor: Peter Kanerva, Food Stylist: Lilli Munck, Post-Production: Juha Mattila, Music Composition, Piano & Organ: Katri Onnela, Recording & Sound Mixing: Taneli Bruun, Graphic Design: Matti Tuominen

A neatly dressed man sits at a table. The table is heaped with food – a whole turkey, bowls of fruits, caskets of vegetables, meats, fish, pies, cream cakes, all beautifully made.

The man has an empty plate in front of him. The man sits and looks at the camera. Food around him starts to rot and perish. Eventually, the food has become a disgusting mess. The man sits still without any expressions.