46, XX (Belgium , 2 hours 1 minute)

Directed by: Guido de Craene

Written by: Guido de Craene

Cast: Gaelle Gillis, Chloé Struvay, Olivier Bonjour, Julien De Broeyer, Geoffrey Boissy, Adrien Letartre, François Sikivie, Nkusi Nancy.

Because she was raped a few years earlier, a young nurse flips out when she finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her. She loses her relationship, home and job and uses her body to take revenge on men. But only one way her nightmare will end.


46, XX
By Marie Francillon

Starting off as the typical “girlfriend finds out boyfriend cheated, and flips out,” type of movie, this film is anything but typical. Making many unsuspected turns, this film sure surprises.
Sophie, a registered nurse arrives at the home she shares with her boyfriend, Pascal. As she is getting ready for the night, Sophie finds a condom wrapper near her bed. After she moves out, quits her job to avoid any chances of running into her ex, and gives back the car Pascal had purchased for her, Sophie has very little options. As she is hopping from home to home of every family member and friend for a place to crash, Sophie begins to have flashbacks of the day she was raped as a teenager. As she tries out every option of a place to live with no success, Sophie’s friend Margot, finds her a temporary home while she looks for a new job. As things couldn’t seem to be any worse, Sophie comes across the information of the man who raped her and begins to plan her revenge.
As Sophie starts to look into her attackers’ new life, while finding interesting ways to make money for a new place and car, Sophie meets an older man that she builds a connection with. As she gets justice for a new friend, while seeking to obtain her own, Sophie puts herself and her loved ones in harm’s way as she fights to take her rapist down. Loaded with sex scenes and a shocking ending, this film is sure to have you glued to your seat. 46, XX is an official selection of the New York City Independent Film Festival and will be shown at the festival on October 12-18, 2015.