3 Islands (Taiwan | 2015, 62 minutes)

Directed by: Lin Xinyi

Taiwan, Okinawa, and Jeju Island seemed to undertake their separate destinies after World War II, and yet the three islands carry an isomorphic historical texture. The 228 incident of Taiwan, the mass suicide of the Battle of Okinawa, and the 43 Incident on Jeju Island (also known as “Jeju Uprising”) are the critical political events that have occurred from 1940 to recent years. These events not only affect the lives of individuals on the 3 islands to date, but reflect the collective civil war amongst the individuals on the islands. Hence, if we extend it to Hong Kong as one of the landmarks, the Star Ferry Pier Preservation Protest in 2006, the Occupy Central in 2011, etc. are the important political practices of individuals of East Asia united as one as well. The artist KAO Jun-Honn, via the publishing of “Novel”, translated his observations, research, and artistic practices on these East Asian islands into a semi-fictional narrative literature to depict this unknown part of history. If the artists use their personal lives as creative materials, the direct approach to document such material would be the commitment of documentary image texts. 3 Islands' documentary images try to shift from literary writings to the actual fixing of body-scene. Adopting literature as well as the personal research and practices of artists as scripts, paralleled with reversible movements of the flesh, the film recounts the unknown history and the symptomatic interpretations of the 3 islands of East Asia.