101 Secrets (USA, 1 hour 35 minutes)

Directed by: Tophy Cho

Written by: Tophy Cho

Cast: Tophy Cho, Michelle Dubose, Morgan Boutilier, Nick Hobson, Roth Farrar, Xai Yang

Nonlinear live - action anime about a Buddhist hobo trapped inside a video game where his only chance to level up is by reversing his karma. This leads him on a journey to save a princess, and fight the devil (A.K.A. Mr. Wonderful). Yet the harder he tries to be a hero, the darker his path becomes.

Stumbling between a strip club, an asylum, and even prison, the clumsy pilgrimage only leads him further away from sanity and Enlightenment. But with the guidance of a monk inside a dumpster and a demon inside his head, he learns about the secrets to cheating his way to the last level!