VR Cinema Presentation - $15.00  May 5, 2017 3:00pm

Clinton Cameo Studios - Studio A · 307 West 43 Street · New York, NY 10036

Come join us for a VR Presentation followed by a discussion open to the audience.

Mark Sternberg, REVRIE Immersive Works

Mark is a co-founder of REVRIE Immersive Works, a cinematic virtual reality production company dedicated to telling compelling narratives, and Cinematic VR NYC, a Meetup group dedicated to helping filmmakers transition into this new medium. Before entering the VR landscape, Mark worked in a creative capacity producing a feature film that received festival recognition, as well as taking on a variety of roles for the production of several short films and web series. He is also an Entertainment Attorney representing independent film, television and new media producers, creative talent, production companies and distributors.

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