Virtual Reality Storytelling - $15.00  May 5, 2017 1:00pm

Clinton Cameo Studios - Studio A · 307 West 43 Street · New York, NY 10036

How do we tell stories in Virtual Reality? What are the unique techniques that will separate VR from film, games, and other media?

Jon Clinkenbeard of Clinkenfilms will discuss how "true" VR blends cinematic techniques and interactive design to create entirely new experiences and how we are still on our way to unlocking the full potential of Virtual Reality as an art form.

Jon Clinkenbeard from Clinkenfilms will discuss blending cinematic techniques with viewer agency to drive the evolution of Virtual Reality storytelling.

An alumnus of Second City Chicago, Jon is a long-time storyteller who has created work for film, television, virtual reality, and everything in-between. He has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands to blend immersive content with cutting-edge technology and craft powerful new experiences. His most recent project in partnership with Potential Synergy, The Dream Cube, was selected as one of Samsung's "Top Five Killer Apps" and was called "most artistic" by UploadVR.

Jon also hosts the monthly panel Cinematic Virtual Reality Filmmakers, where working professionals come together to discuss the techniques, experiments, and best practices necessary to unlock the full potential of VR.

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