John Andrucci Animation Curator

John Andrucci

John's career includes working for the Learning Corporation of America/Highgate Pictures, and educational film distributor that produced after school specials: Summer Switch, Out of Step, One Too Many, and others. He then went to work for an animation company that produced Saturday morning and afternoon cartoons (Mask, Inspector Gadget, Hulk Hogan's Rock-N-Wrestling, the Littles) and an animated feature film, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. John is now producing feature films under the Lucky Uncle Productions banner. He has released five children's novels.


Gerard van den Broek Documentary Curator

Gerard van den Broek

Gerard has been involved with the NYC Independent Film Festival since 2014 as curator of documentaries; that year he also ran one of the festival venues in New York. In his home country the Netherlands he organizes the annual Documentary & Television Festival INPUT, a 800+ people two day event. This festival focuses completely on current affairs and sports documentaries and is the main platform in the Netherlands for program makers and television executives of the Dutch public broadcasting network. Documentary makers pitch their new films, give workshops to colleagues and students or discuss their work with fellow professionals and broadcasting people.


Megan Boyle Short Sketch Comedy Curator

Megan Boyle

Megan Boyle is excited to be returning for her fifth season with the NYC Independent Film Festival. You've seen her red hair pop up in multiple festival videos, photos, and performances. Her background includes acting, improvisation, and producing for film and theatre. Favorite acting credits include: Velma in "Hairspray," Gwendolyn in "The Odd Couple," and Harper in "Angels in America." Megan is the proud director/creator of the original NYC based comedy group - Improv Nation and she helped create the eGarage comedy sets in Long Island City which included standup, improv, sketch, and all around funny times. Producing credits range from webseries to corporate videos to feature films to Off Broadway productions.


Sam Parsons Shorts and Super Shorts Curator

Sam Parsons

Sam Parsons' obsession with movies began on December 25, 1996, when his parents bought him a VHS of Jurassic Park (a PG-13 movie... when he was only 7 years old). Fast forward through a bunch of non film-related stuff to 2011, when he moved to NYC and was the recipient of NYU's Andreas Zahler Scholarship for Advanced Filmmaking. He spent the next few years working on scripts and short films in varying capacities until he finally joined the NYC Independent Film Festival team in 2015. As the Shorts/Super shorts Curator, he's been having a blast helping to showcase the immense talent of indie filmmakers from around the world.


Tophy Cho Music Video Curator

Tophy Cho

Tophy is an independent filmmaker whose current project is about Kpop (Korean Pop) and the fandom it's picked up in the Middle East. His past work experience includes being a marketing coordinator for the music industry in Nashville. Tophy's favorite things about being part of the NYC Independent Film Festival is the inspiration and energy that surrounds you when attending, the excitement of the aspiring talents, the passion and tireless work ethic of the volunteers and coordinators. Year after year somehow, someway all the pieces magically come together to create a week-long symphony that celebrates independent filmmaking at it's best. Tophy currently works as the Festival's Music Video Curator.


Dennis Cieri Art/Experimental Curator

Dennis Cieri

Executive Director Dennis Cieri launched the New York Indie Film Fest in 2010 and within five years built it into a major international hub of independent cinematography. A native New Yorker, Dennis directed and produced films, wrote plays, published magazines and owned bookstores. He leads NYC Indie Film Fest as the one and only festival fully focused on independent works of up-and-coming filmmakers, the place where distributors and agents come to discover the emerging talent and future stars.


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